it’s 2010

i like fresh starts. i like clean slates. white pages. new blog post entries. blank blogs. new calendars. the old has gone the new has come. i like the thought that it's 2010. reading julie & julia on my kindle made me decide to start blogging again. instead of trying to explain or continue what i failed to live up to in last year's blog, i decided that i'm allowed another do over. a fresh start. a new blog. even a new domain name.

this time i will attempt to remain anonymous for many reasons. i will ask you to help me with this as well. will you? can you? i hope so, and thanks. 

what will i write about? hmm. faith. friends. family. news/current events. verbal processing on things i'm not yet decided about. language. the world, of course more focusing on my nearly 10-year obsession with all things Former Soviet Union. transition, especially toward the middle of the year as i will again transition to the eastern hemisphere to begin teaching and complete the coursework for my graduate studies. i will be purposefully vague and deliciously transparent, hopefully moreso than before. i will try to be less of a "filterer" and more honest.

we'll see. at least i will have a place to unload my thoughts and convince myself that there really is no turning back. once i've come this far. it's easier to just stay put. don't look back, don't move forward. but i'm not called to just stay put, nor am i truly living when i remain at the same place.

growth means climbing. trying new things. facing new mountains. moving forward fearlessly.

no turning back, no turning back.


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