“Comfort is There…”

A beautiful, simple reminder from Myrrhbearers.com

Who comfortheth us in
all out tribulation,

that we may be able to
comfort them which are in any trouble,

by the comfort
wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God (2 Cor.1, 4)


"There are different
ways that “the God of every comfort” comforts us, – countless.  Sometimes He sends us a ray of light onto our dark
path in a quote from the Holy Scripture, that we accidentally come
across. Sometimes we hear a comforting Word of God in our soul, which we
keep repeating and it gains a growing power. Sometimes unexpected
attention, kind word, directed to us, reminds us about that Love, which
cares about us always. Or unexpected arrival of a friend brings us
comfort, like Corinthians were comforted by coming of Titus. (2 Cor.7,

There is not a single
dark day, no gloomy fate where God would not bring even a tiny drop of
His consolation. He does not always takes our pain away, because it is
needed for our healing, but always gives us strength to go through the
hearth of suffering and come out victorious.


Let us search for and
catch those rays of divine light, which are sent by our Lord. There is
no sorrow, that would not be followed by comfort. If we don’t feel it
then only because we are overwhelmed by it, and while shedding tears
over a fresh grave we do not notice the Angel of Comfort hovering over
it. Moreover, our tribulation seems unbearable a lot of times because it
seems meaningless, but we forget that there is a divine providence in
every trial we go through.


Let us remember that
we all are called to “comfort them which are in any trouble” and that we
ourselves need to go through troubles too for that. There will be time
when everything we went through will serve a lesson to our suffering
brothers. Our experience will definitely be of use for someone else. And
when someone’s broken life, suffering heart will get opened before us,
we will find a kind word, showing that limitless mercy, by which God
lead us out of darkness too.


Our word, enforced by
experience, will save out sorrowful brother from despondency and will
become an anchor of salvation for him. And for us, a blessed purpose of
God, Who  once tried us with an inevitable sorrow
and tribulation, will get revealed in this zeal of love."


The original of this icon of Theotokos and Son is also known as "The Comforter"…


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