Excerpt from Elder Sophrony’s Wisdom from Mt. Athos…

(As found on Father Stephen's Blog🙂

6a00d83451842969e201156f330bcc970c Thus the whole of
spiritual warfare wages round humility. The enemy fell from pride, and
would draw us to perdition by the same means. The enemy praises us, and
should the soul listen to his praise grace withdraws until she repents.
Thus throughout her life the soul is occupied with the lesson of
Christ-like humility. So long as she has not humility wrong thoughts and
impulses will always torment her. But the humble soul finds the rest
and the peace of which the Lord tells.

Fasting and abstinence, vigil and withdrawal into silence, and other
exploits of spiritual discipline all help, but humility is the principal

Humility is not learned in a trice. That is why the Lord said: ‘Learn
lowliness in heart and meekness of me.’ To learn takes time. And there
are some who have grown old in the practice of spiritual endeavor, yet
still have not learned humility, and they cannot understand why things
are not well with them, why they do not feel peace and their souls are
cast down.


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