ReBlog: “tears..the water that we need to walk on…”

"Not everything seems like mercy to us now, but it will when we look back at all the storms and tribulations we lived through… 'I am not worthy of the least mercies' – said Jacob, when he was going to meet Esau. But before he could meet him he has to receive a blessing from the Lord Himself."

"The Lord met Esau, touched him, and crashed him by the power of His love and then, having blessed Him, renewed him and gave him the power: 'thy name shall be Israel…and will prevail over men.'"

"Let the Lord direct you. Give away your will to Him, unconditionally. Do not lead the way, submit yourself to Him and tell Him: 'I submit myself to You, fully and irrevocably.'"

"The Lord is merciful, I know, He loves us so much, that He can not leave us without sorrow, because it leads to Him; can not deliver us from tears, because this is the water that we need to walk on. So tell your Lord: 'Not my will, but Thine be done.'"

From Myrrhbearers, which is translated by Tatiana Rozzell of "Everyday is a Gift From God. Diaries of an Orthodox Priest." 1905. Author Unknown.

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