St. Nectarius the Wonderworker,

Today the Orthodox church commemorates St. Nectarius (sometimes spelled Nectarios) the Wonderworker…

Here is a link for many pieces of writing about St. Nectarius.

And, I’d like to begin with recognizing and commemorating him through the following prayer:

“You lived your life in a holy way, O St. Nectarios; being a Bishop rich in wisdom, you have glorified the Lord with your life of virtue; being strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit, you drive out evil spirits and heal the sick. Intercede for those who come to you in faith.”


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Prayer for the Granting of Prayer, St. John of Kronstadt…

O All-merciful Lord!

Grant me the divine gift of holy prayer, flowing from the depth of my heart.

Gather together the dispersed thoughts of my mind, that it may always strive towards its Creator and Saviour.

Destroy the burning arrows of the evil one, which tear me away from Thee.

Quench the flame of the passionate thoughts that devour me during prayer.

Cover me with the grace of Thy Most-holy Spirit, that to the very end of my sinful life I may love Thee alone with all my heart, all my soul and mind, and all my strength, and in the hour when my soul takes leave of my mortal body, O Sweetest Jesus, take into Thy hands my spirit when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom.


Prayer found here, and there is also a link to a pdf file that can be printed out and put into the prayer book…

Wisdom from St. Nikolai Velimirovic…

I found this text on the blog Christ is in our midst! which is an excerpt from Prayers by the Lake by St.Nikolai of Ochrid and Zica:

34223_417274387816_544772816_4533767_5817526_n "How
stupid the servants of the tree of knowledge are! They do not measure their
strength in You, but in their num­bers. They do not adopt a law of justice in
Your name, but by their numbers. Whichever way the majority of them choose is
the way of truth and justice. The tree of knowledge has become the tree of
crime, stupidity, and icy darkness.


the knowledgeable men of this world know every­thing except that they are
servants of Satan. When the last day dawns, Satan will rejoice in the number
of people in his harvest. All the meager ears of grain! But in his stupidity,
even Satan counts on quantity rather than quality. One of Your ears of grain
will be worth more than the entire harvest of Satan. For You, O Conqueror of
death, rely on the fullness of the bread of life, and not on numbers.


vain I tell the godless: 'Head for the Tree of Life and you will know
more than you could possibly wish to know. From the tree of knowledge Satan
fashions a ladder for you to descend into the nether world.'"  -St.Nikolai Velimirovic

St. Isaac the Syrian “On the Modes of Virtue”

Isaac_the_Syrian "Make me worthy, O Lord, to know you so as also to love you, not with knowledge arising from study's exercise and joined to the intellect's dispersion; but make me worthy of that knowledge whereby the intellect, in beholding you, glorifies your nature in divine vision which steals the awareness of the world from the mind. Account me worthy to be lifted above the will's wandering eye which begets imaginings and to behold you in the constraint of the cross's bond in the second part of the crucifixion of the intellect, whose liberty ceases from the activity of its thoughts by abiding in your continuous vision which surpasses nature…"

-Homilies 26 from The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian, p.161)

Prayer of John the Elder (of Dalyatha)…

Pdr23 You who are hidden and concealed within me,
reveal within me
your hidden mystery;
manifest to me
your beauty that is within me,
O you who have built me
as a temple for you to dwell in,
cause the cloud of your glory
to overshadow inside your temple,
so that the ministers of your sanctuary
may cry out, in love for you,
as an utterance which burns in fire and spirit,
in a sharp stirring which is commingled with wonder
and astonishment,
activated as a living movement
by the power of your being.

St. Macarius on Prayer…

“To fly into the divine air and enjoy the liberty of the Holy Spirit (II Cor 3:18) may be one’s desire, but, if he does not have wings given him, he cannot. Let us pray to God that he gives us ‘the wings of a dove’ (Ps 55:7) of the Holy Spirit so we may fly to him and find rest (anapausis) and that he may separate and take away from our soul and body such an evil wind, namely, sin itself, inhabiting the members of our soul and body.”

The Jesus Prayer by Fr.Steven Peter Tsichlis

310px-jesus_sinai_icon8 "Lord Jesus,

Son of God,

Have mercy on me,

a sinner…"

This article goes more into depth about the origins of The Jesus Prayer. I'll copy one section into this post, 4 ways this prayer is rooted in Scripture…

1) In its brevity and simplicity, it is the fulfillment of
Jesus' command that "in praying" we are "not to heap up empty phrases
as the heathen do;
for they think that they will be heard for their
many words. Do not be like them . . .(Matt. 6:7-8).

2) The Jesus
Prayer is rooted in the Name of the Lord. In the Scriptures, the power
and glory of God are present in
his Name. In the Old Testament to deliberately and
attentively invoke

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