Happy New Year!

I am now a few weeks into my freedom after finishing graduate school and receiving my M.Ed degree. I would like to get back into blogging again now that I have a bit more free time, but we’ll see how well I can keep it up! I was married to the love of my life back in July in a beautiful ceremony at St. Elias Orthodox Church here in Austin. Our martyrs crowns rest on the top shelf below our icons hanging on the wall in the room we call “the prayer room” and wait to be hung up. We are reminded when seeing them of our commitment to die for the other, yet it is so easy to fight to win and to “live” for ourselves everyday. Our 5-month anniversary was yesterday, and we remembered that marriage truly is a path to sanctification.

Why would I like to start blogging again? Praying with my husband everyday, I enjoy his leading and choosing the readings. However, I know that my faith needs to still be my own. Being orthodox nearly a year and a half now, I am realizing how intentional I must be in digging into the readings and prayers and connecting with the saints who have gone before me. It has always been good for me to write about things, though the last year and a half of moving and graduate school and getting married and more moving has made it less likely that I will stop and meditate on all that has happened. I’d like to catch up now…



A year later…Part 1

Today at church I was reminded that it’s been a year now that I’ve been regularly attending Orthodox liturgies in America. It was because we sang the hymn of St. Mary of Egypt that I remembered. This time last year I had just started talking on the phone with the man that would later become my fiancee. Our main topic of conversation was the Orthodoxy we were both being drawn into. I had been reading everything I could get my hands on since returning to America about the Orthodox church. Talking with D. I realized that I was no longer interested in going to the Presbyterian church I had been going to for over a year. I just still couldn’t swallow (thankfully) the idea of “chosenness” and wondering if I was one of the “pre-ordained”.

I hope in later posts to discuss other reasons I was struggling with church. For now I’ll stick with my story. Continue reading

New Life: Take 27

I took a big step today, I deleted my typepad account. This has been the location of my ramblings during the past 5 years of transitions. This past year I recreated it twice, trying to start again with this whole business of blogging. I tried making it anonymous because I was preparing to go into a Central Asian country where I would have to be extra cautious about my religious/spiritual writings. Then, when my program was cancelled just a week after meeting the man of my dreams, I have since been on an interesting journey! This journey brought me, first, to California, to share D.’s car and be by his side as much as possible; then in July, we packed up a UHaul, and headed to Texas with Lily the cat on my lap most of the journey due to unhappiness in her carrier. Her and I have bonded forever, and now she loves climbing into my purse when I’m over at D.’s to take a quick nap and hide from his new kitten, Graham, who loves to pick on Lily…play with her tail, swat her in the face, etc.

July was a foundational month for me… Continue reading